Professional Affiliations

Professor, Department of Economics, Columbia University

Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Former Member, President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers

Affiliated Professor, Norwegian School of Business and Economics

Editor, Journal of Labor Economics

Elected Executive Committee Member, American Economic Association

Advisory Board Member, Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute

Founding Member, Economists for Inclusive Prosperity

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research

Research Fellow, Institution for the Study of Labor 

Research Affiliate, Institute for Research on Poverty

Principal Investigator, Center for Research on Fairness, Inequality, and Rationality (FAIR)

Recent Work

Where Does Wealth Come From? NBER Working Paper #28239, December 2020. (Joint with Paul J. Devereux, Fanny Landaud, and Kjell G. Salvanes.)

Taking It To the Limit: Effects of Increased Student Loan Availability on Attainment, Earnings, and Financial Well-Being, NBER Working Paper #27658, August 2020. (Joint with Jeffrey T. Denning, Lisa Dettling, Sarena Goodman, and Lesley Turner.)

Winners and Losers? The Effect of Gaining and Losing Access to Selective Colleges on Education and Labor Market Outcomes, NBER Working Paper #26821, March 2020, conditionally accepted at American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. (Joint with Jeffrey T. Denning and Jesse Rothstein.)

In the news: Inside Higher Ed, The Weeds

Poor Little Rich Kids? The Role of Nature versus Nurture in Wealth and Other Economic Outcomes and BehaviorsReview of Economic Studies. Volume 87, Issue 4, July 2020. (Joint with Paul Devereux, Petter Lundborg, and Kaveh Majlesi.) (Ungated working paper)

In the news: The Atlantic, FiveThirtyEight, KUT Austin,

Breaking the Glass Ceiling? The Effect of Board Quotas on Female Labor Market Outcomes in NorwayReview of Economic Studies. Volume 86, Issue 1, January 2019. (Joint with Marianne Bertrand, Sissel Jensen, and Adriana Lleras-Muney.) (Ungated working paper)

In the news: NY TimesThe Nation

Apply Yourself: Racial and Ethnic Differences in College Application, Education Finance and Policy. Volume 15, No. 2, Spring 2020. (Joint with Kalena Cortes and Jane Lincove.) (Ungated working paper)

Sibling SpilloversThe Economic Journal. Volume 131, Issue 633, January 2021. (Joint with Sanni Breining, David Figlio, Jonathan Guryan, Krzysztof Karbownik, Helena Skyt Nielsen, Jeffrey Roth, and Marianne Simonsen.) (Ungated working paper)

Refugee-Specific Government Aid, Institutional Embeddedness and Child Refugees’ Economic Success Later in Life: Evidence from Post-WWII GDR Refugees, April 2020, conditionally accepted at Labour Economics (Joint with Hannah Liepmann, Camille Remigereau, and Alexandra Spitz-Oener.)