Professional Affiliations

Professor, Department of Economics, Columbia University

Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Former Member, President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers

Affiliated Professor, Norwegian School of Business and Economics

Vice President/President-Elect, Society of Labor Economists

Advisory Board Member, Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute

Founding Member, Economists for Inclusive Prosperity

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research

Research Fellow, Institution for the Study of Labor 

Research Affiliate, Institute for Research on Poverty

Principal Investigator, Center for Research on Fairness, Inequality, and Rationality (FAIR)

Recent Work

PLUS or Minus? The Effect of Graduate School Loans on Access, Attainment, and Prices, NBER Working Paper #31291, May 2023. Under revision for the Journal of Political Economy. (Joint with Lesley J. Turner and Jeffrey T. Denning.) Online Appendix here.
In the news: Hechinger ReportForbes
Intergenerational Transmission of Lifespan in the US, Updated version of NBER Working Paper #31034, March 2023. (Joint with Neil DuzettAdriana Lleras-MuneyNolan G. Pope and Joseph Price.)

The (Un)Importance of Inheritance, NBER Working Paper #29693, January 2022. Conditionally accepted, Journal of the European Economic Association. (Joint with Paul J. Devereux, Fanny Landaud, and Kjell G. Salvanes.)

Gender and Inheritances, AEA Papers and Proceedings, Volume 111, May 2022. (Joint with Paul J. Devereux, Fanny Landaud, and Kjell G. Salvanes.)

Taking It To the Limit: Effects of Increased Student Loan Availability on Attainment, Earnings, and Financial Well-Being American Economic Review, Volume 113, Number 12, December 2023. (Joint with Jeffrey T. DenningLisa DettlingSarena Goodman, and Lesley Turner.) Online Appendix here

Where Does Wealth Come From? Journal of Economic Perspectives. Volume 37, Number 4, Fall 2023. (Joint with Paul J. Devereux, Fanny Landaud, and Kjell G. Salvanes.)